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Goa’s Property Management Group is looking out Investors in this Sectors, offering the Best Proposition and Service.

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"Buy land, they’re not making it anymore, It’s only a limited resource.” In every Project of your own create a Landmark. “The best investment on Earth is Earth.” In Real Estate Investment Price is what you pay and in return Value is what you get.

Invest in Goa’s Real Estate, Whether your planning for a Residential or Commercial Project, It’s a very Lucrative Market when it comes to Goa, as its very person’s dream to have their own Dream Home / Business in this Beautiful Paradise City. Goa Property Management Group invites Investor’s offering them the complete package in starting up Residential / Commercial Real Estate Projects in Goa. 

Goa Property Management Group aims to bridge the gap of a group of Investors targeting attractive "returns" available from investments from the Land buy stage to All approvals for construction to timely delivery of Completed Project as Projected to Marketing the Project for Sale or Lease. 

We are an experienced team having years of Experience in Real Estate Projects & Investments, thus we assist our Clients in terms of investing, developing & managing. The team brings its expertise to cherry pick the best of land parcels and exit by development via market sales ensuring handsome "multipliers" to capital invested.

Guideline Pointers for Investors interested in starting Residential / Commercial Projects in Goa :

1) Identifying the right Land Parcel. On having the documents verified by the Advocate / Solicitor, Proceeding for Land Registration at the Sub Registrar’s Office. The Land will be registered in the name of the Investor’s.

2) The registered Sale Deed will be ready for collection from the Sub-Registrar’s Office within 5 to 7 working days.

3) Applying for the Construction License with all the Relevant documents which for all approvals will take anywhere between 3 to 5 months

4) Procuring all permission the construction begins and along with this even the Marketing Team starts its Campaigns targeting to aim for a minimum of 75% bookings before the completion of the Project.

Goa Property Management Group takes up the entire Project starting from Identifying the Land Parcel upto the Sales of the Project or Project to be given on Lease. All Legalities, Site Work, Reports to be sent to Investors on daily basis, Accounts, Bills, Co-Ordination with Architects, Engineers, Construction Material Contractors, Labour Contractors, Interiors, Landscaping…… Each and every co-ordination will be done by our Company and everyday reports of the same will be sent to the Investors.

Meeting with the Investors will be held every 15 days or on Monthly basis depending on the Investors time schedules during which the focus would be on the completed schedules of work on site and further setting the next target of work to be completed on site.

If anybody interested in being an Investor, Kindly feel free to contact our Head Real Estate on  or email us on :

call us @:+919765177877